School Uniform Collection

July Outreach Project - School uniform collection - new and gently used uniforms will be donated to the Needy Nook. Please consider purchasing socks to accompany any uniform purchases, as there is a great need for children/youth socks. The Outreach Ministry is planning to purchase belts that will be supplied to school counselors to assist students in need of a loaner-belt to comply with uniform regulations. The purpose of this donation is to help students avoid disciplinary action for simply not wearing a belt to school on any given day. Outreach will distribute loaner-belts to each school counselor prior to the start of school in August. If you would like to donate funds to assist with costs of purchasing belts, please use the Monthly Outreach Project envelopes found in each pew of the church. Or, feel free to purchase new or donate gently used belts your children/grandchildren have outgrown and donate them in the designated bin in the Narthex during the month of July.