RenewalWorks Spiritual Life Inventory

Dear St. Barnabites,
Now is the time for you to contribute to our church in a BIG way, but it will only take about 20 minutes of your time.
On the coming Sunday, September 10, we launch the RenewalWorks ministry at St. Barnabas. Sunday will be the first day that you can go online and complete the Spiritual Life Inventory (SLI), which is the "certified anonymous" survey that we need each and every one of you who is over 16 years old and confirmed to complete. The survey will be open until Sunday, October 1, but please fill it out as soon as possible so you don't forget.
Please contact Connie Herndon (337/288-8758 or or Father John if you have any problems with the link or any important feedback about the survey itself. Thanks so much to all who participate. We love our church!
The live link to the survey follows.