Our Community Garden in Partnership with TownFolk

Our Community Garden in Partnership with TownFolk

Please consider joining us.

 Well it’s that time of year--the time when we may or may not be able to “look back” at summer’s consistently high temps and even higher heat index and say “maybe it’s over….maybe it’s “really FALL.”  I’m writing this on a brisk morning and hoping with all the anxious energy of a child anticipating Christmas that this is the case.  If so, it makes what I’m going to propose far more appealing.  

 If you haven’t taken a gander at our community garden in a while, walk out there one day soon and do that.  Stay a while.  There are a few benches that invite you to sit and enjoy the view and the peace.  It’s a lovely space and in the coming weeks and months, it will be--with much attention from both St. Barnabas garden ministry volunteers and TownFolk volunteers--a fruitful place that produces healthy food that we can share with our community.

As you may already know, we have partnered with TownFolk, a nonprofit that serves the LaPlace community (located adjacent to downtown Lafayette) to support their ongoing efforts to make access to healthy food easier for its residents through a program called TownFolk Table.  

On Saturday mornings, TownFolk members have been picking up a supply of donated food from Whole Foods and bagging the items for door-to-door distribution or pickup at their Victory Garden location in LaPlace.  What we harvest from our community garden will be added to these donations. We welcome you all to take part in any aspect of this garden--the tending, the harvesting, the sharing of its output.  And if you’d like to be part of TownFolk’s distribution process, you are welcome to show up any Saturday at 9:00a at Victory Garden or to visit the TownFolk Table volunteer sign up page at townfolk.org

 By contributing to this effort, we are showing not only our support for TownFolk's mission, but our love, God's love, for our neighbors as well as our desire to connect with our larger Lafayette community.  Please consider, perhaps as you enjoy a quiet moment in the garden (on hopefully a temperate fall day), whether you might like to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

 Donna Troyanowski, Vestry member