Looking for a Ministry? Perhaps Feed My Sheep!

 Who are we? Feed My Sheep (FMS)  is a ministry providing meals for our St. Barnabas community at various times of need; birth, illness or death in the family are a few examples.

 How does it work? You will be contacted and asked to prepare a meal and deliver it to the family in need. No time to cook? Rouses, Fresh Market, Joey’s, Whole Foods and Veron’s work well for a “pick up on the way.” The list of volunteers for the ministry is rotated so that all will have an opportunity to participate. It’s okay to say “No” when your life is too busy to participate at that time. You will be called again!

 Current participants and those interested in becoming part of this ministry, please email Teri Stevenson ( Teri1984@gmail.com) with your name, contact number and any questions. The FMS ministry list of participants is being updated. Your participation in this ministry is greatly appreciated.