April Outreach: The Clearport Learning Center

Outreach added “helping the working poor” to its 2018 vision. Outreach plans to do just that by partnering with The Clearport Learning Center in the month of April.  The Clearport provides after-school programs, tutoring, college entrance test preparation, mentoring, fellowship, and evening meal service to 80-100 high school students every day during the school year. Their daily work with high school students increases the chance for these students to succeed educationally in high school and prepares them to further their education post-graduation.  Maegan Hanna, Director of The Clearport plans to be a guest speaker at our Palm Sunday 10:30a church service to introduce this outstanding non-profit to our parish.  

In the month of April, Outreach plans to feature The Clearport Learning Center in an effort to accomplish the following:

  • Create an awareness of volunteer opportunities at The Clearport Learning Center
  • Collect items from the Clearport Wish List, which include educational and office supplies (donated items can be placed in the Clearport basket found in the Narthex)
  • Cook dinner in the St. Barnabas kitchen and provide evening meal service for 80-100 students on Thursday, April 26 at 12:30p (sign up sheet to help cook and/or serve the meal can be found in the Narthex)
  • Offer all Monthly Outreach Ministry brown envelope gifts as a donation to General Operations of The Clearport at the end of the April.

Please make plans to support this April outreach project which is offered to lift up the children of the working poor by providing tools that assist The Clearport in their work to direct student academic growth and learning and by sharing the love of a St. Barnabas with a home-cooked meal on April 26!

The Clearport Learning Center's mission is to provide an individualized educational experience that focuses on building character, creative career development, and a foundation for lifetime learning. 

Outreach Outcomes

Thanks to the generosity of the congregation, Outreach presented the Stella Maris Center with $223.23 of laundry products in the month of February 2018.  Thanks to Marguerite Brunner for coordinating the project and to Eva Guillot for shopping for the items that were donated.