Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Ministry welcomes our visitors and newcomers to Saint Barnabas and offers them opportunities to become a part of our community, by providing them with an easy transition to of our parish. We do this by deliberately greeting and conversing with visitors and newcomers, offering a tangible sign of welcome from the lay people, and inviting them to planned social events.

Participants in the Welcoming Ministry identify and greet visitors and newcomers on Sunday and make themselves available to answer questions about Saint Barnabas. By coordinating efforts with our parish administrator, we deliver bread from Great Harvest bakery to individuals and families who fill out a visitor sheet or welcome card.

The Welcoming Ministry does not have an established meeting schedule, but gathers to train participants and to plan events. Our volunteers are comfortable meeting new people, and with being assertive enough to introduce themselves and initiate conversation. Individuals don’t have to be extreme extroverts, only interested in getting to know others. We also need individuals with time to deliver bread around town on a regular basis, typically once a month, and others who enjoy planning and carrying out social events.

This is a very gratifying ministry, placing participants on the forefront of our active parish. While incorporating others, we nurture a stronger sense of belonging by gaining familiarity with those around us.

For more information, contact Mary Catherine Hager (marychager@gmail.com; 337-962-8035).