Usher Team

Ushers offer hospitality, service, and support before, during, and after the 10:30a worship on Sunday morning, and at all special services during the liturgical year. We hope to soon start smaller teams for the 8:30a service.Comprising men and women of all ages, Usher teams rotate through a regular schedule, not serving more than one Sunday per month. There are currently twenty Ushers serving at Saint Barnabas.

Arriving fifteen minutes prior to an assigned Church service, an Usher team of four individuals provides those entering our Church for a service with a friendly Saint Barnabas-style welcome and a copy of the service bulletin, offering old-timers as well as newcomers a greeting and a smile. Immediately before the service, one of the Ushers rings the Church bell.

During the service, the Ushers remain near the back of the Church to assist anyone needing help. We quietly open and close the rear Church doors to assist late-comers or those who must exit for emergencies. We also take a head-count of all attending so that the clergy know how many wafers to consecrate for the service. At the Offertory, Ushers bring the wine and bread wafers to the front of the Church and then take up the collection among the congregation. At the Communion, two of the Ushers provide from the center aisle an orderly procession of communicants to the Church altar rail. The remaining two Ushers send word to the Nursery staff and children so they, too, can come and receive Communion and blessings.

Near the end of the service, the Ushers open the rear doors for the exit of the congregation after which they check the pews for discarded bulletins and replace the prayer books and hymnals in the pew racks. Two of the Ushers go to the sanctuary where they count the collection offerings and tabulate them.

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