RenewalWorks Reports

Dear St. Barnabas Congregants,
As part of the RenewalWorks (RW) program here at St. Barnabas, we completed the Spiritual Life Inventory (SLI, an anonymous online survey) last fall. The results of that survey were an integral part of the work St. B's RW committee then set about doing. After a series of four workshops (using the RW Program's curriculum), your committee has produced a report with recommendations for continued spiritual growth and community enhancement in our church. The committee presented the report to your Vestry and received the full support of that body. It is now time to begin implementing these plans!
Please see PDF reports under Resources: (1) the final report of St. B's RW Committee and (2-3) two parts of RenewalWorks Spiritual Live Inventory Data Findings for St. Barnabas Church, which is the interpretive report provided to us by the RW Program. The Program report presents the statistical analysis and interpretation of our SLI results, which we (St. B's RW Committee) then used in the formulation of our recommendations, which includes five initiatives. Please take the time now to read our report and consider our recommended initiatives. For this ministry to thrive and be effective, we need all of you to get involved!
Limited number of hard copies available in the Narthex.
What's next? On March 11, we'll be kicking off our "Be the Church" campaign. As part of that kickoff, members of St. B's RW Committee will be conducting a Q & A session during the time usually allotted for Father John's sermon. This will take place at all three services. Please take time to look over these materials (it's a lot of information but not a difficult read) and be ready on March 11 to ask your questions, either about the reports or about our process.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me at 337-288-8758 or
Yours in Faith,
Connie Herndon, Facilitator for the RW Ministry at St. Barnabas