Contemporary Worship Service

Are you looking for something different  in your worship?

Try something new!

Join us the first Sunday of each month at 6:00p  for our Contemporary Worship Service

 Why should you attend? Here’s a top 10 list:

1. Uplifting Communion service with a modern flavor.

2. No prayer book or hymnal needed (all songs and prayers are on the big screen).

3. A range of songs, from contemporary hymns to rock gems, with guitar music (easy to sing).

4. Informal but reverent atmosphere (you can wear shorts and sandals).

5. You can join in and sing along, or you can just quietly worship … no pressure.

6. Great for when you get back to town late or just wanted to sleep in.

7. Gender neutral language in the service.

8. As with all St. Barnabas services, ALL are welcome!

9. Relaxed fellowship among our St. Barnabas family.

10. It’s fun!

Fr. John Bedingfield leads our worship; Dave Spruill provides our lively music.