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About Messy Church


Messy church is about people – adults and kids – coming together in all their mess…with messy lives and messy families coming to church and to God just as they are to see what a Christian community is all about. We’re developing relationships not only with each other as adults, and each other as kids, but we’re making connections across age gaps! One of our main goals for Messy Church is to form a stronger sense of community for ALL of St. Barnabas – adults and kids alike. Through Messy Church we’re not only learning about God’s love, we’re learning about how we can better love each other and our community. We encourage you to join us at Messy Church. You don’t need to have kids to participate, and we welcome people of all ages!

 Messy Church Schedule

9:15 - Gather in Ramsay Hall Opening Prayer and Songs and Youth Choir Rehearsal

9:30 - Scripture Lesson followed by breakout session

Kids - Class for crafts, games, etc.

Adults* - Class on reading and interpreting scripture

10:10 - Join together in Ramsay Hall for Songs and Closing Prayer

10:15 - Snacks for kids

10:30 - Children’s Chapel


Messy Church Contact Information

 Michael Bass

985-415-0332 or

 Etienna Wright

318-715-6937 or

 *Adults can attend the adult class or stay with the children for crafts, games, etc.








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