Assembly Day for "Kindness Bags" & Parish Breakfast

It’s time to gather and assemble Random Acts of Kindness Bags for fall/winter distribution. Now is the time to take a moment when you are at church to sign-up and donate items to help us fill the bags. All sorts of items can be donated to provide comfort to people in need who will receive the bags, including toiletries and hygiene products. This fall let’s plan to also include warm mittens, caps, and scarves to comfort folks during the unpredictable South Louisiana winter and fall seasons. Another addition to the project will be the assembly of a number of bags that will cater to women’s needs, so please plan to donate feminine hygiene products too.  Sign-up sheets are located in the Narthex, or you can sign up online by visiting a “working, digital sign-up” through Google sheets.

Kindness Bags Digital Sign-Up

On the morning of October 15, between Sunday morning worship services (9:00a) , please make plans to gather for a breakfast meal, served by your Outreach Team, and to assemble the bags!